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Start Your Clothing Collection

This is a treasure of a class.  This course takes you from A to Z.  You will learn everything from how to create sellable, manufacturing friendly, desirable clothing, accessories and more. 

You will learn how to create these clothing and accessory collections in a way that allows you to earn a consistent profit and repeat customers.  Not many people are good at this, that’s why every time you go into your favorite clothing store you will notice there’s a SALE!  When an item goes on sale, that means something went very wrong.   

Sign up for this in depth course to find out exactly what went wrong and how avoid this costly mistake.

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Class Mission

The mission of this class is to give you a strong foundation on how to create a sellable collection that solves a problem, speaks to your audience clearly and gives them the desire to purchase again and again. 

The goal is NOT to just simply create a clothing collection.  Anyone can do that.  In fact, there are countless collections that come out, hit hard and then fizzle away.  That is NOT what we are doing here.  In this class, we are creating long lasting collections that serve a specific community for the lifetime of their purchases.

My Team

I work with the best Sample Sewers, Patternmakers, Tech Designers, Production Sewers in the Los Angels area, who have been in the fashion industry for over 20 years.  They are equally talented and lovely to work with.  These fashion experts have earned repeat business as a result of their business integrity and technical/creative savvy.

Sample Sewing




Micro Production


Technical Design


More Than Just a Class

Let’s be honest, you can find your own sources and make whatever you want without me at anytime.  The difference here is that I offer 30+ years of expertise as well as my presence while you are actively creating your collection.  I am present with you and the Sample Sewer when it’s time to review your samples.  I am present with you while you are having the Tech Pack prepared.  I am with you and the Patternmaker as you create your patterns.  So when we work together, I am not just throwing information your way and then expecting you to go execute by yourself.  No!  I am sharing my expertise with you every step of the way in real time and together, WE make YOUR fashion happen.

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