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Fashion Design

Did you know that in the curriculum of many Fashion Colleges and Universities, there is not actually a course called Fashion Design?  How can this be??? 

Well, I’m here to rectify this situation.  Fashion Design is a  course I created that will teach you how to design clothing that people want to buy repeatedly.  When I walk down the street in my designs, people often stop me and say, “I love your outfit!”  I am always grateful and often surprised at the regularity of this occurrence.   This class will teach you how to get the same results. 

Fashion Must Solve a Problem

Did you know that fashion must solve a problem?

Well, yes it absolutely must solve a problem in order for your collection to be in demand season after season.  You might be thinking, “Well what problem can it solve?”  That’s what this course will help you find out.

Many people just make clothing and accessories that they think look good.  News flash…that’s not enough to cause buyers to flock to your collection,  solving problems is.

You Will Learn...

how to design clothing that solves a problem, is production friendly, aesthetically pleasing and priced to earn a profit with ease.

Problem Solving

Identify Pain Point

Production Friendly

Easy to Produce

Well Designed

Attractive to the Market

Earn Profit

Priced to Sell

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