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Books by Author Corrie Osuna

Children's Books

The Adventures of The Mad Seamstress is the tale of a charming young sewing enthusiast who gets into mischief and mayhem. 

Inspired by my life as a young creative, this tale of fashion fun makes me laugh, hold my breath, cheer and more.  You’ll love Pinky Shears, she’s the Sheorine of this fun story.  Her shenanigans are of course full of fashion as she sports her funky style in everything from platforms, to feathers, upcycled denim from thrift shops and all of her handcrafted creations.  Now what you don’t expect but certianly this tale delivers, is a good healthy dose of self-acceptance with a pledge at the end to be true yourself at every turn.

Together We’ll Find It is a fun read with lessons to be learned about the power of human ingenuity.  This book truly inspires hope for kids and adults alike.

Rhyme and Design is a collection of imaginative poems that take you on a creative, but always fashionable journey.  From Perci Satchel who loves you gessed it, purses, to High Heel Lucille; the antics of each poem are sure to speak to the fashionistas of all generations. 

Fashion Resumes That Really Work

Fashion Resumes That Really Work is a tremendous resource for fashion professionals and students alike.  It is very specific from how to layout your resume to what key words need to be included in your resume based on specific job descriptions. 

This book defines each section of the resume and gives multiple examples of how to write different versions of each section depending on your desired position. 

This text contains examples of real life work experiences, and it demonstrates the position of the fashion industry insiders allowing job seekers to gain necessary insight so that they truly can begin to understand how to best enter the workforce and how to manage their expectations. 

Fashion Resumes That Really Work is written with the intent of accomplishing one main objective, which is to allow individuals the opportunity to create a resume that gets them the job interview. 

Fashion Career Guide

Fashion Career Guide is a thorough workbook style guide created to help students from Fashion School through their professional lives in the Fashion Industry.

This guide helps prepare students to understand what they will be learning in class and what assignments translate directly into portfolio examples.  Fashion Career Guide explains the differences between the Creative and Technical sides of the industry and helps individuals identify which is their strongest skill set.

There is a Design Dream section towards the beginning of the text that really clears up what it is that students and professionals see as long term goals from the very beginning, with the premise that you should always begin with the end in mind.   

One tremendous benefit of reading this text is that by taking time to identify and verbalize long term Fashion Design dreams, the seemingly impossible and out of reach becomes more attainable with action steps that can be put into place by the end of the text. 

This is a workbook style guide that adds value for the fashion student to professional from beginning to end.

The Adventures of the Mad Seamstress is an illustrated tale of Pinky Shears who absolutely loves all things fashion.  She’s super smart, sews up a storm and she’s always having fashion fun.

This book is based on my childhood love of fashion and all things sewing.  I have always enjoyed making things with my hands and because I sewed so much as a kid, my dad lovingly named me, The Mad Seamstress.   In true Pinky Shears fashion, I grew up and headed straight for a career in fashion.  I’ve never looked back and I’ve been goin strong for over 30 years now.  I am a Designer, Educator, Illustrator, Author and Business Owner all in the area of Fashion Design and I am truly grateful for every moment of it.

You’ll find that Pinky is full of surprises, so loveable, and the story is full of twists and turns. The journey that the Mad Seamstress takes you on is one incredible ride.

You may be a novice who likes fashion and sewing, or perhaps you’re a savvy fashionista or  even a young creative, this book is absolutely for you and sure to bring you joy! Get your copy today, we have it in several different forms.  There’s the limited edition handcrafted copy, the paperback and E-book. 

I’ll meet you on the pages of the Adventures of the Mad Seamstress.  See ya there!

Pinky even has her own Doll
"I'm so Excited about Pinky Shears!"
This Book Cover has a secret message in the Background. Can you see it?
We're always Making cool stuff here
This doll is so cute! Order yours now!
Can you tell how much I love her?

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More than just a story

I love a good story, but even more than that, the teacher in me starts to take over and I instinctively look for the lesson in the story.

With that in mind, for each book I create, there is always a set of additional goodies like coloring pages, vocabulary words, activity pages, games and more. 

Take a look in the back of any of my children’s books and you will find a treasure trove educational fun stuff to do 🙂

Vocabulary Words

As a person with Dyslexia, understanding the meaning of words is truly a passion of mine and explaining the meaning of words through images has been a life enhancing experience. So creating lists of the vocabulary words that go with each of my children's books has been both fun, and an educational process that I thoroughly enjoy. Here's to the love of words!

Activity Sheets

Taking the message of each story and creating a fun activity that makes the central message more personal to the reader has been a natural expression of my teaching nature. For example in the Children's Book, "Together We'll Find It," the message centers around getting through Covid-19 with our circle of support. One of the activities is to have each child list the people in their circle. Its simple but powerful. Now is a great time to say that I consider YOU a member of my circle and for that I am grateful. Together, We'll Find It!

Coloring Pages

Coloring is for everyone, NOT just kids! I provide coloring pages for all of the art in my books because I think of coloring as a kind of relaxing theraputic outlet. Maybe you agree? Flip to the end of my children's illustrated books and you too will have the opportunity to color till your heart's content.

The Making of a Book

I created this Illustrated children’s book entitled, Together We’ll Find It, to help kiddos understand how to cope with Covid-19 but honestly I gotta tell you, this book really helped me in the process 🙂  I started with the illustrations and then everything flowed from there.

As you can tell from the cover below, this book is full of imagination and focuses on the power of togetherness and our ability to overcome challenges.

Available now

Team Work makes the Dream Work

Roy discovers that in the midst of a world wide pandemic, he is surrounded by a community of love and support.  With the help of his team, he realizes that indeed, he can and will get through this. 


Strategy for managing time between family and work

I have found that being 100% present when I’m working and 100%present when I’m with my family works best for me.

I explain to my family that I work from home sometimes and thatmeans that I am not available.

I list chores and household responsibilities

I ask them which ones they want to do

I created a board with Sticky Notes listing the chores

When each person finishes their chores they remove the note


What system will you employ to activate all members of your fam-ily in taking care of the home?


Boundaries in Business and Family

The best thing you can do is follow through with

whatever you say you will do.





Let them see your integrity by following through

When you are working and someone crosses a boundary, do whatyou said you would do. Perhaps that means not answering thephone etc.

Decide what consequences you will implement, then

inform your family and tell them why you have decided to do this.Ultimately it’s is an act of love to have clear boundaries and clearconsequences.


How will you set boundaries?


What consequences will you set when boundaries are crossed?


Create and Extend your Village

Your village will change. The availability of key players in yourvillage will change. Extend your village.

Not How, but Who?

Don’t think about HOW you can accomplish your tasks,

think about WHO can help you accomplish your tasks.

Plan, Prepare and then Expect to Adapt

The only guarantee you have is that you will face the need tochange constantly in ALL aspects of life.

So plan for what you want

Inform everyone involved

Ask if others have input on your plan, when it affects them

Expect to have to adjust as you go along

Role Modeling

As an entrepreneur, I am built for working both

independently and interdependently.

To start a business, it requires a great deal of independent action.

Actualization only comes through interdependence.

Showing this to my family is by osmosis as well as

intentional. Impressing the value of smart work is

extremely important.

*It’s important to recognize that NOT everyone is created for entrepreneurship and that familymembers who are NOT created for it should be celebrated for what they do as well.

You have to see her to be her. You have to see it to be it.

This works both ways, YOU also need a Role Model/Mentor


When will you reach out to a new Role Model for

yourself? Write the date below and write what you will say.


Balance is different for everyone.

-Decide what balance is for YOU!

Balance comes in different forms. Some years you give more

support, some years, you receive more support. It’s not tit for tat.

Only you can determine your balance which I call HARMONY.This needs to be discussed with your family and then, just go forit!


What is your definition of Balance?





Don’t do it!!

Perfection doesn’t exist

Aim for Excellence


Has anyone ever called you a Perfectionist?



Do you think you are a Perfectionist?




Why do you think you are a Perfectionist?




Do you want to stop being a Perfectionist?




Self Care

Schedule it

Add it into the budget

Present this as normal to your family


Just know that there are things you will miss

Sometimes you won’t make money because you are with family

Sometimes you won’t make family events because you are outthere making money

You can’t do 2 things at once

So why should you feel guilty

Just decide where you want to be, and be there fully

Every good thing on earth was created by someone who was awayfrom their family in order to bring it to life

There’s no need for guilt, it’s really just deciding

Look at any product on the market for example cell phones

You benefit tremendously by them

Someone was away from their family in order to create the first cell phone

This is normal

It’s about realistic expectations


What things are you willing to miss to pursue business?




What things are you willing to miss to pursue family?




Everyone is someone, to someone

You have many admirers. Slow down. Look for them. Encouragethem.


What younger person will you encourage on their entrepreneurialjourney today?









This is my legacy

What makes you feel deeply?

What makes you cry

What makes you laugh so hard

What make you so angry

What things do you really just like?

Think back to childhood what did you most enjoy doing?

What do you like to do when you don’t have to think about income?

What passions lie within you?

What do you truly KNOW?

What do you have mastery of?

What is so easy for you?

What do people say you are really good at?

What do you Do?

How do you spend your time currently to earn income?

What do you do at home that could be a skill in the marketplace?

What is your Zone of Genius?


What is your legacy. What do you Feel? What do you Like?What do you Know? What do you Do?





























 Zone of Genius Quiz

What part do you play on your work team?

—–I love to think about what steps we need to take to makethis happen in a oogical, sustainale way

—–I’m at the center of the action. Most of the creativeideas probably come from me.

—–Ihave all the connections we need to get this project offthe ground.

—–I LOVE to be behind the scenes, making sure everyonehas everything they need.


Your boss just asked you to give a speech at the meetingnext week. You say…

—–Are you sure I’m the right person?

—–Public speaking? Yaaaassss… I love getting a messageout to people!

—–I’m sure I can make this work.

—–I’m already thinking about what I’m going to say!

Have you ever worked with a Life/Professional Coach?


—–I’ve thought about it, but haven’t crossed that bridge yet.

—–I have, but they weren’t very helpful.

—–I have, and they were awesome and super helpful

Which statement best describes you?

—–I LOVE to keep things organized. A place for every-thing and everything in it’s place. Right?

—–I love to thinkg throught problems and come up with themost logical, actionable solution.

—–I’m a creative, free-spirit type. I don’t like to be con-tained, as there’s always something new and exciting to in-vent.

—–Need connections? Babe, I gotchu. I know everyone inthe world of whatever field we’re working in. It’s all in whoyou know!

Your new co-worker is struggling to make connections inthis new business world. You…

—–Need connections? I thought you’d never ask! I takethem under my wing and into the wonderful world of net-working and making connections.

—–I try to stick to the creative side of things. Who needs toknow people when you can create things they’ll come to youfor?

—–I’ve got a file of phone numbers in case they need tocontact someone specifically.

—–I help them figure out exactly who to talk to before findga way to talk to them

Where do you work?

—–In an office!

—–In a restaurant!

—–I own my own business!

—–I work from home!

—–I work somewhere else!

What job would make you the happiest?

—–If I had the chance to stay home and be an artist, I defi-nitely wouldn’t say no…

—–Anything to do with networking and communication!

—–I would LOVE to be an accountant or someone thathelps people work throught things.

—–It would be awesome to have a chance to help people gettheir lives in order!

Strategy is MY ZONE OF GENIUS!

My superpowers are

Strategy land Monetization!

I’m a pro when it comes to the how of getting things done

I’m the brain behind the scenes

Sometimes I don’t want to take the lead, I want to create the Way