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About Corrie

Hi there, my name is Corrie Osuna and I am a Fashion Deisgner, Educator and Author.  I love all things creative, I’m truly a, “Maker,” from the inside out.  Working with my hands in the creative arts is the essence of who I am artistically.  I like to think that I’m also a nice person too.  A mother of 1 fantastical son, a drinker of hot tea and a lover of diversity, kindness and good old fashioned fun is how I describe myself.  Here’s a look at some of my creative work. Enjoy!

“Create Freely, Live Beautifylly, Love Honestly.”

The one thing that I hesitated to do as a very young and impressionable adult was to give myself permission to just be me. I thought that since I was a Fashion Designer, I shouldn't professionally pursue my other creative desires. That was silly! Since then, I have given myself permission to laugh out loud, wear my afro proudly, write books-all kinds of books, paint pictures, create clothing and more. In my late 40's I'm only just beginning to show up sincerely and completely in the world. I look forward to contributing much more of my most sincere self and the work that makes me happy. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my website, your presence makes my life even more beautiful.
Corrie Osuna

It's Good to Laugh!

So, I mentioned I have a son and he is also a fellow creative.  We laugh and have a lot of fun together, I think he’s hilarious!  Check out this prank he pulled on me in the Holiday photoshoot below…

I laughed so hard, my face hurt!

You know how it is when you’re laughing so hard that your face hurts and you get those wrinkles in your forehead? 

Yes, that’s exactly what happened here.

I stepped away for a moment and came back and saw my son posing like me with my glasses on and I fell out laughing!

I wondered, “Do I really pose like that David?”

He nailed it, so I guess I do.

Leave it to your kid to show you your true self.

I tried to pull it back together

Where to Find Us

Social Media of course is one of our main avenues to connect with you but the best way to experience in person discussions, book signings and creative events is to join us at the University Club of Pasadena, California. They have an outstanding staff, super friendly and excellent in their service.  The food they create is delicious and the atmosphere provides space for and exchange of intelligent, creative conversation and community building.  I encourage you to follow your creative curiosities as I follow mine and together we’ll meet in the middle, swap smiles and share stories.