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I am a dedicated life learner.  That means that I am passionate about teaching and learning for all different styles. 

We don’t all think one way and we shouldn’t be forced to learn one way.  Some people thrive with projects, while others like to read instructions and then take action. 

Then some folks land somewhere in between. 

Whatever your style is, I’ve got you covered.  I’m sensitive to it all.   I use everything from video, to written instruction, illustration, verbal interaction, projects, and more.  If you want to learn, I’ve got you covered.


Branding your collection in an excellent manner is essential to seeing your designs fly off the shelf. You'll learn how in this 1 week course. Remember, be true, there's only one YOU! This 8 week course is designed for you if you have always dreamed of having your very own collection. I'm not gonna lie, it's intense, but I've gotchu, so, You Got This! Together, let's make Fashion Happen!


How do you actually design clothes that people want? How do you design clothes that are practical from the manufacturing side and beautiful from the aesthetic side? In this 1 week course you'll learn the answer and you will succeed at the art of Fashion Design.


Fashion Sketching is the language of communication in the Fashion industry. This is how you get the ideas from your head, out into the world. But don't worry, if you think, "I'm NOT an artist!" In this 1 week course I will teach you how to sketch excellently just by using basic symbols to represent precise illustration. For reals, you DON'T need to be an artist to learn how to sketch. I promise 🙂


How do you make a cohesive collection? What are the elements of design? How do you create clothing and accessories that fly off the shelf? What makes a buyer want to purchase what you have created in a sea of competition? In this 1 week intensive course, you will learn the answers to all of these questions and gain the skills necessary to excel at developing a desirable clothing collection.


Understanding how clothing is put together is the foundation of great design. You ABSOLUTELY need to know how to understand sewing, but you DON'T need to actually know how to sew everything yourself. In this 1 week jam packed course you will be able to learn the foundation of garment construction and be able to work with the expert sewers who will bring your designs to life.


One of the biggest reasons some people fail to product their clothing collection is because they don't have a Tech Pack. Some don't even know what it is. If that's you, no worries I'll show you in 1 week everything from A-Z about Tech Packs in this course and your collection will be fabulous!


Did you know that Fashion Sketching is the language that we speak in the Fashion Industry?  If you’re not sure what class to take first, and you can’t sketch, take this one. 

You can convey any idea to anyone in the world if you know how to accurately sketch. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how, EVEN IF…

You think you’re absolutely NOT an artist!  I gotchu, so…


corrie osuna

You can do more than one thing!  I bet people have told you to just focus on one thing.  But guess what?  Most creative people are skilled in more than just one thing.  The trick is learning to harness your creative energy.  I’ll show you how. 




Corrie Osuna

Fashion Design is my first love and right behind it is Education.  You’ll see high contrast, slightly exaggerated shape and lots of texture and color in my design work.  In my teaching you’ll find my classes are fun, and push you past your limits in the best way.

I’m enormously grateful to have the ability to educate and to create freely!


Teaching Sewing

Teaching sewing is soooo fun!  I can’t tell you how exciting it is witnessing the process of people having a piece of fabric in hand and within a few hours, it turns into a garment.  Yes!!!


Ms. Osuna is the absolute best professor I have ever had. Not only is she knowledgeable about the fashion industry, but she is so positive and upbeat which makes her classes even more enjoyable. I had the opportunity to have her for 2 classes and loved her classes. She is truly a gem... Ruthie Ross founder Jaflor Designs


Ruthie the Beautiful

Apparel/Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire, Yes!

It was an honor to be one of Ms. Osuna’s students. Her classes really helped in my preparation as a Fashion Designer. It helped me define my own style. I have worked different positions in the Fashion industry for many years then I reached the point where I felt potential to become a Designer but I had doubts and fears. With Ms. Osuna’s help and motivation doubts and fear turned to the path of Fashion Design. I began to explore all those qualities that Ms. Osuna had shared with us. Without her help I would not have the confidence that I have in myself. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. Thanks forever.


Angel Medina

He's a Genius!

I signed up for a Fashion Illustration class and received a wealth of knowledge in not only learning how to paint and draw, but technical and portfolio skills. Miss Osuna has not only been an exquisite teacher, but a friend and someone that has time and again guided me in projects and encouraged my endeavors.

She helped me get into a prestigious art school and encouraged my interest in pursuing Costume Design. Miss Osuna is in a league of her own and I would recommend her to anyone that has even the slightest interest in Design.


Emily the great

She's Talented beyond Belief

Lauren Ouye

Andrew C.

Consider yourself very lucky if you are ever able to take a class with Ms. O.  I learned relevant and applicable knowledge to the fashion industry and had so much fun along the way. 

Ms. O truly cares about her students and continues to inspire us both in and outside the classroom.  She’s a one of a kind teacher and mentor.

The teachings of Corrie Osuna provides  necessary techniques rendered through illustration and real time business coaching for up & coming designers.

Corrie Osuna has provided support that gives structure among the creativity existing inside all of us. As a former student, the skills I possess from Osuna’s guidance have offered industry-priority tools to work my visions to life.

Each session of learning Osuna’s Illustration turned the session into a free flowing art gallery. Corrie Osuna has provided an abundance of inspiration, encouragement, and support that follows through her teachings in Fashion Design setting her direction apart from the rest. There is always room for Everyone!

Andrew C.

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