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Learning to create the most precise Tech Pack is key to producing clothing that looks and fits beautifully.  I’ll teach you how in our Tech Pack Preparation Class.

Spec Sheet

The Spec Sheet lists all measurements needed to create your entire size range. Master these numbers and you're golden!

Sketch Sheet

Visually drawing a detailed accurate Flat Sketch is essential to show the details of a garment.

Art Placement

Art Placement is the information related to the screen print, embroidery etc.

Sewing Instructions

Having the knowledge to explain how you want an item to be sewn is the mission of the Sewing Instructions portion of the Tech Pack.

Cost Sheet

Accounting for all costs involved in producing each item in your collection is achieved through the use of a Cost Sheet.

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials is the detailed description of all purchases related to each item in your collection.


In the world of Apparel Manufacturing Specifications are EVERYTHING!  There are a million points of measure on a garment and they all have to be precise.

 Everything comes down to exact

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